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“Ithink that’s where the highest level of climbing happens, when you’re movinginstinctually,” said Potter. “I kind of, more and more, don’t think about itrationally.”Such a zoned in approach hasallowed him to freeclimb El Cap and Half Dome in under 24 hours, and freesolo Separate Reality, Dogs Roof, and Astroman. In 2005, he replica IWC 5022-18 Men's Watch freesoloed Heaven, a 5.12d/13a, 40foot cliffthat overhangs the Yosemite Valley at a 40degree angle (see the video above from Brad Lynch and Eric Perlman). “There’s no chance tolive if you fall,” said Potter. “It’s roughly a halfmile down.”

As a limited edition of 1000 pieces, this is certain one of the nicer limited Replica Oris watches for activities purposes this year (aside from the "cultural" limited edition models they have). The rubber strap is a really nice element as well. replica IWC 3758-11 Men's Watch is thick at the lugs and tapers in sizes a bit for comfort. The nicely engineers titanium deployment strap hides excess strap on the inside. This is the new way rubber straps are being made by the best brands.

In 2005, an Everest climber rated his mental state, relationshipwith teammates, attitude and even his bowels on a scale from 1 to 10.Perhaps a bit of TMI!For 2010, social media has taken a strong hold on the climbingcommunity. Google reports over 38 million sites with "climbing" andalmost 3 million with "Mt. Everest". Every serious expedition companyhas a website. And many individual climbers have a website or blog.Climbers report replica IWC 3758-03 Men's Watch during their climbs using nothing more than a satphone and a PDA or laptop computer. A system that used to cost over$10K can now be outfitted for less than $1K. Sat phone time is now wellless than $1 a minute with a direct connection to the Internet.

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The ability to stay in touch is priceless for some climbers. I knowthat without my satellite phone to call my wife, I would be lost onlong expeditions. The opportunity to bring others along on the dailyexperiences of a climb bring more meaning for some climbers. But forothers, staying connected destroys the purity of their sport. replica IWC IW372503 Men's Watch Between websites, Facebook and Twitter; climbers have theopportunity to share every detail; even those others really don't careabout.

This can affect the accuracy. Basically you want the watch wound enough, but not wound all the way for optimal timing accuracy. A torque indicator is a big gimmicky, more of a gadget style information indicator. Though it is interesting to see the relative performance of your watch. You basically have all the information you need replica IWC IW372501 Men's Watch with the power reserve indicator. The "Force" indicator still is cool looking and doesn't take up much room. So all in all I think it is a nice addition.Powering the watch is a Swiss ETA 2897 automatic movement that has been modified a bit by Oris.

DEAN POTTER VS THE TOKAY GECKODEAN POTTERConstant climbing has made DeanPotter’s hands tougher than the bottom of most people’s feet. “I can stick myhand into crystallized cracks and hold on to razors,” said Potter.While a marathoner may prep byrunning 5070 miles a week, Potter “easy” freesolos up vertical replica IWC 5022-13 Men's Watch faces four orfive days a week, three to four hours each day. In the spring and summer hefrequents Yosemite, in the fall and winter Patagonia, Chile, and Moab. Theconstant movement—balancing, flexing, wedging,

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The sponsoring partners hope the competition spurs development of a climbing elevator that can work in outer space. Thats why theyre offering the winner $2 million. (You can watch the competition live here.)No doubt some of the climbing designs get their inspiration from nature. This fact, and the coincidence that Dean Potter replica IWC IW372504 Men's Watch will be featured this Sunday on NBCs World of Adventure Sports FreeBASEing the Eiger, lead me to reach for the question: What animal is the best climber on earth?

The hands and hour markers have SuperLumiNova lume applied, and everything looks big enough without being too big. In addition to the date, the dial has that power reserve indicator that I mentioned along with another complication, replica IWC Ingenieur Automatic AMG Titanium Black Men a torque indicator for the movement. This is labeled as "Force," and functions to tell you how optimal the movement accuracy is. When a mainspring is either too tightly wound, or not wound enough, the power coming from it is different than in the mid range of being wound.

On my first Himalayan expedition, I spent $1 per character to sendan email. "Hi, I'm back safely" costs $19! How times have changed.Twittering from the Top is not unheard of today. Expeditions sendemails, pictures and videos from trek to summit - all for replica IWC 4515-05 Watch pennies.Social media is a key tool for climbers and expedition companies topromote and share their adventures. launching—builds a physicalknowledge that allows him to approach a state of grace on harder routes.

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Tired of the rules banning BYO alcohol to certain sporting events and even the airport? Fret no more. You can go get yourself the Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask at HomeWetBar.com. Its a classy cane that hides up to 10 oz. of your replica IWC IW325312 Men's Watch drink of choice in five two-oz. flasks made of glass and airtight caps. Just fake a limp and youre golden.--Aileen TorresPhoto: Courtesy of HomeWetBar.com I love the tree skiing, but you can pretty much find whatever youd like. You know the rest of the drill: catch lift, check out views, ski, repeat.--Kate Siber

There is still style though, such as the wave pattern on the dial of the watch like other Oris ProDiver watches.The thick case is lighter than you might think given its titanium construction. It is 1000 meters water resistant (with automatic helium escape valve on the side of the case), as well as antimagnetic. The Col Moschin special replica IWC IW325311 Men's Watch forces needed a watch that would survive a high parachute fall straight into the watch without a hiccup, and the watch performed as intended. The sapphire crystal is AR coated on the inside it easy to see the dial. Oris hit a sweet spot a few years ago with this dial design. Meaning it is attractive and very easy to read.

Welcome to the Adventure Lab, our new blog dedicated to the intersections of science, sports, education and nature. The connections will sometimes be loose, but that should make it fun. Please comment and ask questions.This replica IWC IW325313 Men's Watch week at NASAs Dryden Research Center in California, three teams of scientists are competing to propel robotic climbers up cables using directed lasers.


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As lap one of three concludes, I’m quickly imploding. I wonder if I really could barf up my heart. “Did that dude just pass me on a cross bike?” I ask myself, incredulous. End of lap two, I’m in tatters, lungs on fire, legs in hell, cursing my choice of bike, just in sight of the guy in front of me, and in last place. Lap three... the aftermath of Leadville gets the best of me and it’s game over. I lose touch with everyone. My family wondering if I’m OK.: “Jeez, he Corum 285-180-20-0F71-EB40R Men's watch said he was good at this.” Immediate lessons I learned here: 1) I’m not all that fast; and 2) Never race a singlespeed again.The conclusion of the race effortlessly gives way to introductions, brews, stories.

Fortunately I’d kept my Broadway Joe swagger to myself. It is with this “fond” memory of singlespeed racing that I mull over my decision to race the Breck Epic on a Spot 29er singlespeed. Race with a good buddy? Check. Chance to write about it? Check. Cool event? Check plus. Singlespeed belt drive? What the ? Don’t bikes need chains? Singlespeeds, racing and Summit County seem as intelligent a combo as liquor, matches and gasoline. Corum 285-150-20-B100-EB40R Men's watch Twenty-niner wheels? What’s the deal with those weirdo big wheels anyway? Do I have to grow some angry-dude beard and wear knee socks to ride this bike? Of course. I’m totally in.And yet this damn-the-torpedoes attitude gets me into trouble.

Hell be adding his particularly twisted take to the altitude-induced madness with three pre-race blog articles, then one each day once the festivities begin. Jeff, in a moment of delerium, has agreed to race on a Spot Bikes belted singlespeed.May I present... PRE-RACE : VOL. 1 2009, By Jeff CarterLessons Learned “Where’s Uncle Jeff?” I heard Corum 285-150-20-0F15-FZ50R Men's watch my four-year-old nephew ask as I crest the meadow hill – dead last in a six-person field in the weekly local race, happening just steps from the farmhouse where I was vacationing with my family in Western Mass.